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Full text of "Hic mulier: or, the man-woman and Haec-vir: or, the womanish-man"

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The Man- Woman: 

Being a Medicine to cure the C^ilriih Difeafe of 
the Staviers m the t5M\t(cv.!i:iC'!c>niniue\ 

of our riuH\s. 

txprcfl in a briefc Dcclamaaon. 

yion times poj'hmiis 
Minris,will voubc irim'd orirufTd ? 

LoiKwn ^'umc'.U:; I.; ...i o ..u loLc io»u .a v^i.wU C.».v.. ^..ic, u»u. 

Queens University 
Libraries ^Sj 


Professor J. A. W. Gunn, 

Kingston, Ontario, Canada 




Published by The Rota at the University of Exeter 

AC^Ii 1(^10/^ /JS-L 

Printed in Great Britain by 
The Scolar Press Limited, Ilkley, Yorkshire 

Bibliographical Note 

Hie mulier appeared in 1620, licensed on 9 February to John Trundle, 
a well-known publisher of topical tracts. Haec-vir, ostensibly a reply, 
was licensed, also to Trundle, on 16 February, a speed which 
suggests that 'the two were designed as a Ijookseller's effort to 
capitalize on popular interest in both sides of the controversy over the 
position of women (L. B. Wright, Middle-class culture in Elizabethan 
England [Chapel Hill, 1935], p. 499). Hie mulier is a rather conven- 
tional diatribe against women who betray their sex by assertive and 
immodest behavior, and particularly by dressing like men. Haec-vir, 
much livelier and better-written, is a dialogue in which Hie mulier 
defends herself against the charges reeled out by Haec-vir, the 
effeminate man, and claims the rights of women to personal liberty 
and to recognition as individuals. Although the author of neither 
pamphlet is known, differences in style and attitude indicate that 
two writers were involved. Trundle may have commissioned them 
as a contribution to the continuing argument set off by Joseph 
Swetnam's The araignment of lewd, idle, froward and unconstant women, 
published in 16 15. By 1620 this had gone into five editions and had 
elicited four answers, among them two purporting to be by women : 
Rachel Speghte's A mouzellfor Melastomus and The worming of a mad 
dogge by Constantia Munda, both 1617. King James himself had 
just voiced objections to 'the insolence of our women, and theyr 
wearing of brode brimed hats, pointed doublets, theyr hayre cut 
short or shorne, and some of them stilettos or poniards' (J. Chamber- 
lain to Sir D. Carleton, 25 January 1619/20, cited in E. P. Statham, 
A Jacobean letter-writer : the life and times of John Chamberlain [London, 
1920], p. 182). There is a select list of Tudor and early Stuart tracts 
and satires on women in Cambridge bibliography of English literature 
(Cambridge, 1940), I, 716-17. 

Pollard, and Redgrave, Short title catalogue, record two copies of 
Haee-vir (12599) ^^'^ ^^ur copies of Hie mulier (13374 ^^^ '3375)- 
The separate entry for the copy in the British Library is a con- 
sequence of its having been cropped close at the bottom of the title 
page. Ramage, A finding list of English books to 1640, lists a fifth copy 
of Hie mulier. 

Collation of the Huntington Library copy (H) with those of the 
British Library (B) and the Wigan Public Library (VV) shows that 
press corrections were made twice in the course of printing. H is the 
final version, incorporating a number of corrections, mainly of 
spelling and punctuation, which affect the alignment. In VV some 
(but not all) of the corrections that appear in H have been made 

on a single signature, A4V (e.g., in line 4, H and W have 'doublet' 
where B has 'dublet'). The most material amendment occurs in 
line 3 of that signature where H has 'civill embracement' whereas 
B and W have 'open embracement'. 

In the opinion of Dr. Edward Hodnett, the woodcuts, in a style 
characteristic of popular contemporary publications such as ballads 
and broadsides, were executed especially for these works by an 
unknown craftsman (neither designed by an artist nor cut by a 

The Rota is grateful to the Huntington Library, San Marino, 
California, for permission to reproduce Hie mulier (61256) and 
Haec-vir (61257). We wish to thank the Director of the Wigan Public 
Libraries. We have also received help from the British Library. Our 
greatest debt is to Dr. Sandra Clark for suggesting that these tracts 
be published and for substantial help with this Note. 

Hic ^rvLiE%:. 


The Man-VVoman: 

Being a Medicine to cure the C^.olthli Difeafe of 

the Staggers tn the ^raJcuiincJcmintnCi 

of our Tiir.cs. 

Expreil 111 a briefe Declamation. 

'Son times polmus oinnes, 
Minris,will youbc irim'd orirufTd ? 

I.oiKon ^uuKU:; I. / .,.. c .«u iv/Lc ..i s^i..*Ji V- .» .v.. ^.,i<.. u 


I c M V L X E 1 ) How now } Breilce 
trtfcidm bead at the firfk cncoon- 
tcT } but two words, and they falic 
Latine? Pardon mec good Sig- 
niot C9wffQ$m ^ for I will not an- 
fwere thee as the Pope did , that I 
will doe it in dcfpight of the Grammar : but I will 
tnam6taine,if it bee not the trueO Larine in our King- 
don^e, yet it is the commone(l. For fince the daies 
of AdAwt women were ncuer fo Mafculinc \ Maf- 
culine in their genders and whole generation s^&om 
the Mother, to the youngeA daugfierj Mafculme in 
Number, from one to multitudes; Mafculine in 
Ofc, cucn from the head to the foot \ Mafcoiinc in 
Moodc, from bold fpecch , to impudent adiion i 
and Mafculinc in Tcnlc :for (without rtdrcflc) ihcy 
were, arc, and will be ftill moft Mafculinc,moft man- 
kindc, and raoft monftrous. Arc allwomcnihen 
lum'd Marculinc?No, God forbid, there area world 
full of holy thoughts, modcft carriage, andfcucre 
chaflitic; to thcfc let mcc fall on my knees, and fiiyj ^P^i^i^,,,, 
You, O you women- you good women ; you tliai good wotnyv 
arc in -the fulnclTc of pcife^ion , you that arc the 

A 3 crowncs 

Hie ^5\€uliery 

crovmct of naniies workc , the compkmems of 
mens csccttcnckf , and the Seminaries of popa- 

{;ation( yoH that muMumt the world, fupport man- 
nide, and giue fife to ibeiette; you, that armed with 
the infinite power of Vertue, are Caftles itnprcgna. 
ble, Riueis vnfailcble, Seas immoueable, infinie 
treafures, and inuincible armies; that arc helpers 
moft truftie, Centincls moft careful!, fignes deccic- 
Icfle , plaine waves failclcde , true guides dangcr- 
ledc; oaLnes that inftantly cure , and honours 
^ . ., that ncucr pcrifh : O.doenot looke to finde your 
;M,e« tnt[.HU j^j„gjjp(hjjDgt\amaiion,butwith all honour and 
rcuerence doe I fpcake to you : You arc SeneUs 
Graces, women, good women, mode A women, true 
womcn:eueryong4>ccaufe euer vertuous,eucr chaO, 
cuer gk>rious : when I wiite of you , 1 will write 
with a golden pen, on leaucs of soldcn paper ; now 
OfAhomiU J ^rite with a rough quill, andDlackelnke^oniron 
Auihor wiacs. ^^j^^^jj^^ iron deeds of an iron generation. 

Come then , you Mafculine-womcn , for you 
arc my Subicft, you that hauemade Admiration 
an A(W; , and fool'd him with a deformitic neuer 
before drcam'd of , that hauc made your felucs 
granger things then euer Neahs. Arkc vnladcd , or 
IQylt mgendrcdj whom to name, bee that named 
all things, might fludyan Age to giue you a right 
attribute , whole like arc not lound in any Antiqua- 
ries ftudy, in any Sea- ;ians traucll , nor in any Pain- 
ters cunning; you that arc ftf anger then ftrangencllc 
It fclfe, whom Wifcmcn wonder at 5 Boycs iTiouic 


or, the MdH'Woman. 

•t, ind Goblins thcmfdues (Ian at ) You cfiM are 
the gtlc durt, which imbrodcrs Play-hoif(eci{ the 
painted Statues which adomc Caroches , and the 
pcrtumcd Carrion diatbad men fecde on in Bro- 
chek : Tis of you, I intrcat, and of your monftrout 
dcforniitie ; You that hauc made yout bodies Hkc 
tnttcke Bofcadge , or Crocefco worice « not halfc 
<nan, halfe wonian;kalfc fi{h^alfc flcfh; halfc bca(t 
halfc Monftcr • bttt all Ody ous, all Diucil, that hatic 
cafl off thcornamcntt of your fcices, to pvt on the 
garments of Shame ; chat haue laid by (he bafh- 
fulncflc of your natures, to gather the impudence 
ofHatlotS) that haue buried filence, to rcuiucdan- 
der^ that arc all things bat that -which you fhouki 
be. and nothing kflc then friends to vertuc and 
ftoodnodc; that hauc made the foundation of yout 
nighcD detcAed worke, from the lowcft dcfpiled 
creatures that Becord can giue tct^monie of; the 
one cut from the Coramon-xicalih at the Gal- 
lowes ; the other is %vefi knowne From the firil you 
got the falfe armoury of yellow Starch (ibrto 
wcarc yellow on white, or white vpon yellow , « by 
the rules of Heraldry bafcnefTc, baf\ardic , and in- 
dignitie ) the folly of imiuiioii , the dcccirfulneilc of 
flatterie, and thegrofei^ baferieflfe of all hafenciTcjto 
dowhatibcucr a greater power will command yon. 
From the other, you haue taken the monftroiifnefic 
of your dcformitie in apparcll,exchanging the mo- 
deft attire of the comely Hood , Cawlc, Coyfc , 
handromcDrcrTcorKcrchicfe, to the cloudy Riiffi- 


Hie ^SVfuIier, 

aoly b^ojd-bcJoVd Haue, and wcaioq Fe^iilier, 
the m6dc{l vppcr patts ot a conccaling^ flraighc 
gownc, (o the look, laickiious ciuiU cm&4j:cm€nc 
of a French doobkt, being all vobuccon'ii co <ntice, 
allof oncQiapc cohide defbunitie, ani extreme 
(bort wafkd lo giue a ino(^ ea^ Mcay to «uery 
lauoirious a^on : the filory of a faire lai^e h«yf€, 
to d>c (kame of mofl ruibanly (hort locbcf ; die <idk, 
ihioke ^thcT'd,and dofe guarding Saurgards^ to 
the (hoic,weake,thinDe,looiC|and tactf hand-en- 
cenaioing fnost baOes 4 for Noedki, Sword« ; for 
Prayei bookes , bawdy ligs ^ for niodefV gciUirei, 
gyant-like bchaiiioun^ and lor woinens modclMCfdl 
Miniicke and ^pidi inciiiiUt|e : Thcii: arc jrottr 
ioundciS) from thefc you toakeyocircc|7ie$ , aad 
(without amcndmcui) wid) tlicfc you ihaU<:ot))e 10 

St^hnlcs being askcdjwhy he prcfemod i>a wontai 
inbisTiagcdieshuc good ones i'^nd^AftP/ti^^fytnc 
but bad oncs?anrwcrcd^^ prtcicnted ^mKi>asihcy 
iMivtheAu (lioukIbc«5biu£is<^i^<^^jwpir»cn asthcy wcfc. Sol 
f ur win I ut. pjj.f-gfjj^i^fg Mafculine woincn in ibc dcioraHtie«a'» 
ibcyare, tiut I may call tl^em backc U) xlic uiodei^ 
tomclincflc in w hich duy were. 

The modcA conKh»«flc in which they were ? 
ifcc dcitrj^ui- VV'hy^idcucrthcfeAfr^rr«4/<^, or raihcr Me^tre- 

hre^rA^i" "" ^'*A''^5 t^^^ ^^^^ ^c Car-nwns blockc, the 

mtx/ Dutchjuans feather f7>/^-zi^;7-«/«^<' J the poorcirans 

pate poiil'd byaTrcencdifh, the French doublet 

ttudd with points, to Matj Ankr^i light nether 


or, the Man-ff^omdn. 

skirts, the Fooles Baadnke, and ibe Diucis Pony- 
ard. Did they cucr know comclincflc/)? roodcfUc ? 
Fic, nojihcy ncucr walki in tho(c«patbcs; foi thcfc 
atthc bed are fiirc burr;, ggcs of Gentry, tome 
from better pieces for their foule ftaincs , or elie the 
aduhcrate branches of rich Stocks, that ukiog too 
much fapfrom the roote , are cue away , and ioh 
ploy'd inbafc vfesj or, if not fo, they are the (link- 
ing vapours drawne from dunghils, whicb nourifht 
in the higher Regions ofiheayre, become Metcect 
and falfe tires blazing and fla(bin€theieia, anda^ 
mazing mens a)indes with their tminge proporti- 
ons, till die lubftance c^their pri<k being f]»eDt,they 
drop down againe to the place from whence they 
came, and there rot and confume ^Rpitticd, and 

And queftionlefleit is true , that (uch were ^y^DtComlk] ' 
firft beginners of thcfe laft deformities, for froni bafc aD<i bar^ 
any purer bloud would hauc iflbed a purer binh: ^*ro«» 
there would hauc becnc iomc fparkc of venue: 
fome excufc for imitation : but this dtfotmitie 
hath noagreejnent with goodneffe, nornodifife* 
renceagainft theweakeil rcafbn : it is all ba(e, 
all barbarous. Bafe, in refpe^ it offends nun in 
the example, and God in the mo{\ vnnaturall vfe: 
Barbarous, in that it is exorbitant from h^ture,and 
an AfK/thf/if tokiiide*, going aOray (with ill-fauou- 
red affectation) both ui attire, infpecch, in man- 
ners,and (it is to bee feared) in tlie whole courics 
and floriea of their anions. Wliat can bee more 

^ barba 

Hic ^'fuller, 

barbarous, then with the gloffc of mumiiitig Art, 
to difgutfc the beauty of their creations;* To mould 
their boJics to cucry deformed fafhion ; their 
tongues to vile and horrible prophanarions, and 
dieir hands to ruffianly and vnciuill anions •, To 
haue their geftures aspyc-bald, and as motley -va- 
rious as their difguifei^ their foules fuller of infir« 
mities then a horfc or proftitute, and their^indes 
laneuifhing in thofc infirmitiei : If this bee not 
boroaroQS, make the nide SdthidM , the vntamed 
^MTf, the naked Indutt^ or the wilde I///i&, Lords 
and Rulers of well gouemed Cities. 

But refis this defbrmitie then onely in the ba> 
ier r in none but fuch as are the beggery of defen ? 
that haue in thpm nothing but skyni(iinefi&,&pee- 
uifhaefle? chat are liuing eraues, vnwholelome 
Sinkes ? quartan Feuers for intolerable cumber, 
and the extreme iniury and wrong of nature Pare 
the(c,andnone elfe guilty of this highTrcafon to 
God,and nature? 

Of the better o yes, a world of other, many knowne great; 

':^X^. though. geoJ, wiihthapoy muchloued and 
moi) admired, arelo foulely branded with this 
infamie of difguife, and the markes Hicke fodecpe 
on their naked faces, and more naked bodies , that 

Where rtiA, not all the painting in Rome or FMftftdCan concealc 

1vi!r""^ them, but eucry eye difcouers them almoft as low 
as their middles. 

It is an infe^^ion that emulates the plague, 
and throwcs it fclfeamongft women of all degrees, 


or, the Man-U^oman. 

ill deferts, and all ages^ from the Capital! to 
chc Coccage, arc fomc fpoti or fweilings of this 
difeafcjycicucrmorcihc greater the pcrfon is, 
the greater is the rage of this GckncfTc , and tlic 
more they haue to fupport the eminence of 
their Fortunes, the n)ore they be(\owc in ^c lue- 
mentation oftbeir dcibrmtties : not oncly fucn ,,u„ ^.^ 
as will not worketoget bread, will nndc time wiii doe for 
to weaue her fclfe points lo iruflc her loole J^'^'^P'^*' 
fireeches: and fhce tluLthith pawned her credit ^^"' 
Co get a Hat , wtll lell her Smocke to buy a Fea- 
ther ; Shee that hath giuen kilTcs to hauc he: 
hayrcfhorne, will giuc herhoneftiecohauetKt 
vpper parts pucinto a French doublet : To con- 
clude, (he that will giuc her body to haue her bo« 
die detormcd, will not ftickc to giuc her foule to 
h^ue hf r mincic (atisficd. 

But (uch as aic aUe to buy all at their owne The exceiTc of 
L^'»rgcs,they fwimmeinthc cxcdic of thefc va- t*»f guat p«. 
nities, and will bee man-likc iwt onely from the *^"** 
head to the waite,but to the very foot, & in cucry 
condition : man in body by attyre, man in bch.i- 
niourby nidc complement, man in nature by 
a^tncflc to anger, man in adion by purfuing rc- 
uenge, man in wearing weaponf,man in vfing 
weapons: And in briefe,(b much man in all things, 
that rhcyare neither men, nor women, but iuft 
good for nothing. 

Andean Grcatneflc and great Birth ; great 
bcauiy,grcat bringing vp,and great richcs,ftoopc 

B2 t. 

Hie (SKfulier, 

to the bafeneflc of tlicfc mooftrous imitations ? 

What I v-o- Why , what arc all chcy when the face of vcrtue 

auH IS when j ^ difguifcd , mofc then as filuct Bci« on a I ackc an 

loft. Apescoatc that (hew faire, and chyme fwect^ but 

laue not poorc lacke fkom cne laih of the whip, 

when hisknauerie requires it ? no more (ball chetc 

greatnede onwealth ^uethcmfcom one particle 

ofdifg]:ace,whichthcren)or)(fa:ous difguiies haue 

ca(\ vpon them. 

Oh you that are the great rich builders of this 
huge frame or NUile of di(guiros,remcmber what 
the Poet (aith; 
S- T. O. jiff^ the {Udes tffexes ) fwthw^ 

Nor villi fitM^mif^ nw my gyme tt mske, 
Btrth, BcAttty^ weMhhtretiHhmg wcrthdltmy 
Ailtbefe I cHiUf0rgt0dtddrtioniiAke ; 
N9$f»rgHdpAfts^ tho/i tvF^ sre /^ctml/md 
w1i$m My third tktrtg fr§ tbcmfeluti hsth mnu 

Mdther them thefc the cbieci of my hne^ 
Lit U begnd 5 whim thf/e with vcrtutg»<y 
Th€f (m tliemjelues mdtprtut ) vertucs fnue^ 
t fir gtod like fireturnes dll th.ffj^s to hefo : 
Gods Ifitige in her fink ^O letmepkce 
My ioia vf$n j noi Adams ttt her fAce, 
I h :,i from ibe Remember how your Maker made for ou r (irft 
: t A there was Parents coates, not one coat, but a coat for the 
d:^crcncc in man, and a coat for the woman; ooaics of fcucrall 
fa(hions, feutrall fotmes, and for fcuerall vies : 
the mans coat 6t for his labour , thcwomansfit 


or, the Afan^f'^oman. 

for her raodcftie : and will yoa lo(e the modell kft 
by this great Work>inaftef of Heauen? 

The long hayrc of a woman it the omammc q^ ^^^ ^ 
of bei fcxc,and bailifuii rhamcfaftncffc her chief e dc^ouMtic 
honour : the long haire ok a roan, thr voard ior 
»chccui(h or murderous difpofkion: and will yott 
cue otf that beauty , towcare the others villany ? 
ThcVefUlsin/tiMprworeconily gannemsolonc 
piece kom the neck to the hecle \ and the Sword- 
players nx}tley doublets, with gaudy points : the 
Brllbcgotrcuetaice; lite brer Unfthiccri and will 
you ioU that hotior^iorthe others (come^be wea- 
pon of a vcrcuous woman was her stares ^ which 
cuery good man pitied, and euery valiant Qian 
hoooured: chcwoaponola crueU mati is his 
fwotd, which neither Lawaliowes^aorrealbn de- 
fends: and will you Icauc die eiccyent fhicfd of 
tnoocencc tor liiis deforined in(\rument of 
difgrace ? Eiicn for goodncflc lake ( that can cuer 
pay her owne with her ownc oKrits ) looke to 
your repiiutions, which arc vndermined with 
your owne Follies, and doc not become the idle 
Sifters of fooliib Ucm Q«tx»te , to bclcaic euery Women com 
vainc Fable whi hvou readc.or to think you may P''^<*«°^** 
bee atttrea like BrddsmMMtj who was often uken 
ioi RtarcUtio her brother j that you may fight ^„»4,f 4^1, 
like Mdffiz^^ and winne husbands with conqueO , 
ot ride aUryde like CLtr/Mdns , and make Gyants 
iall at your Hirrops, ( (he Morals will giue you 
better mcaniogs ) which if you (buDDe^ and take 

B 3 the 

Hie oSXfulierj 

the groffc imttacloiis, the 6rft will depriue you of 
all good ibcietie ;thc fecondjof aoble aftcdiont; 
and the third, of all belouedmodcfiie : you (hall 
lofcaUihccharmcsof womcnt naniiall perfect* 
ons^tue no prcfencc to winnc rcfped, tH> beauty 
CO inchattnc (neiis hearts ,nor no b<i(hhilncfi[c to ejt> 
cufe the vildcfl iospuunons. 

The £iyrcft face couacd wich a foide vizard, 
begets iKKhing hue afiighc or Icotne, and the 
noblcfl perioD, in an ignobk diiguife, atcainef 
to nothing but reproch^ndicandaU; Away then 
with thele difguties, and foule viiards ; thdfc vn- 
natural] paincingf ^ and immodeft dikouerics} 
keepe ibofe pans concealed from the eyes , chat 
may not bee toucbc with the hands : Let not 
a wandrine and laiciuiouf thoughc read in an 
intiiing Ineex the contents of an vnchaile volume 
How women I micate nature: and as(hee hach plac'c on the 
ihauJd ,rr,t cr j^^j^^^ ^^ fuperficies of the eanb , all things 
nccdfuil for mans fulkrunce, and neceilaric vie % 
A5 Hcarbs, Plants, Fruhs, Corne and (uch like, 
hut lockt vpclofe in the hidden cauems of the 
c-iuh, all things which apperuineco his delight 
asd pteaftire:as gold, (Uucr , rich Mynerals and 
precious Stones lio doe you difcoucr vnto men 
.ili ihings that are Br for them ro vnderftand from 
. ou : as bafh&Jocte in your checkes , chaAitie 
\a your eyc$,wi^ome in your words, fweetncflc 
if> your corucr{arion,piric in your hearts , and a 
:'>i cnll andfcucrcmodcftie in the whole ftruc- 


or, the Man-lVantan . 

cure or fctme of your vniuerfaii <6mpo(ition : 
But fdr chofe things yvhisli^lotig to tins wanton 
and Uiciuious delight and ple;^urc : «»cyct %¥dr.- 
dringfUps by Uing, tongue inticiug, Wed bicds 
reducing, aod luiedarmes imbracing : O hide 
thein,forfhame hide them in the dokft pn^<»Rs 
of your ^i^eft goucrmncm : fhield chcrti with 
model) and comely garments, fuch as are warme 
aod whokfooK, hauing eucry window clofcd 
with a firong CafenMi^c, aiui euery Loope-hole 
fumt(ht with &icb ikong Ordnance » that no vn* 
chaise eye'may come ocere to aflayle chetn ( no 
laiciuious longue wooe a forbidden padage, noc 
no pr#phaneband couch reliques (o pure and re- 
ligious * Guard tbcm above with couiiter*fcarfes 
of hiiioodAce, Treadles of hiunaiitKea(bn»,and 
impregnable walks of (acred Diuiiutie : noc with 
Antickc d«%iiife , aod Mimkke CuKaftidtcnefle, 
where eucry window flandiopealike the 5ai^ar- AftrcrtHhcrr 
fj, and^uery window a Curtizan wichaninOru- ^He Cunuans 
ment, like (b many Syrtm^ coinchant the wcake **''^'' *" ' ""* 
paflenger to (hipwracke aod defiru^ion. Thus 
(ball you be your (elues againe , and hue the moA 
cxcellcnceftcreacuresvpon earth, things paA ex- 
ample, pa(\ all imiution. 

Remember, that God in your firfl creation did 
not forme you of (lyme and earth, like man , but 
of a more pure and refined metall ; a fubftance 
much more wonhy : you in whom arc all the har- 
monies of life, the perfc^ion of Symetry , the 



mse and curious confimt ofthemoA ^itA ce^ 
lours and the w^ciUby Gacdeos which fiU the 
world wichliuiog Plincs. Doc bur yoa rccdtie 
veituous I«'mate»(as what Palaces art more rich 
CO rcceiuc beaucoly osdicngers } ) and you (ha9 
draw mensfoulcsvnto yoowidichatienere, dc- 
uout,and holy adoracion^thac you (hal neuer want 
praife^ucrloucncucr rcuercoce. 
rhf excufc of ^t «•«'' "'c* thiiikes I^ hcarc the witty- 
);rcftt pcrfons. offending greatOncs reply in excufe of their de« 
lormities tWhar, is there nodifteiciice amoagft 
Wonxn > no diftiniSion of places, no refpcA of 
Honours, nor no regard of bloud, or allyaoccf 
Muft hue a bare pay re of fheercs paflebccwcene 
Noble and ignoble, betweene die eendttus (pidc 
and die bafe Mechannick;(hall we be altco4ieiret 
ofone honor, one eAase and one h^( } O Mrn, 
^ou are then too tyrannous, andnotonrly iniuce 
Nature, but alio breake the L^wrsand cnOomes 
of the wifeft Princes. Are no* Biftwp* knowne by 
their Myters, Princes by thcii Crowncs , ludges 
by their Robes, and Knights by their Spurres ? 
but poore Women haue nothing (how great (be- 
uer they bee ) to diuide themfclues from the inti« 
fing fhcwes or moouing Images which do fumith 
iTie Cjtic ac- "oofi (hop$ in the City. What is it that cythcr the 
ciUii Lawes haue allowed loihe grcateft Ladies, cu- 

fiome found coniienient,or their bloods or places 
challenged, which hath iwt beene ingiofl into the 
p".^f. "*" Ciiie widi as great greedincile, and pretence of 


or, theMsn-ff^oman. 

inietyife} as if the furoeafe fipomthe Tmjtfrifm 
were the voer breach of their Ch&mct eMccbA- 


For this caufc, ihcfc Apcsof the City haue BriagiMiarf 
inticed forrainc Nanons to their Celi^ aod there f^^runtUb^ 
comining gro(£: adultery with their C ew gi wo^ **** 
hauc brought out fiich vnnaturall cottceptiond, 
that the whole world is not able to makea Dmm- 
critMS big inongh to laugh at their fooli^amWi^ 
ons. Nay, the very Artot Paiotipg (which 10 Ci(it<m W»- 
thc Uft Age rh.»ll ci'cr he held in detciUtion) they "*** ^•^ e^ 
hauc fo cumungly floln and hidden amongfl tbeif "^ 
husbads hoords of ireafurCjihat the decayed ftock 
ori?roftitution(haiiirg little other rcuenuet) tic 
howerly in bringing their ad^ion of T^rtmaf «« 
g.iinft thcin. Hence f'bceing thus troubled with 
ihcle /'o/>^«/tft/,&loth rtill to march inorKratike 
with fooles and Zs^ya) hauc proceeded thefe dif- 
giiiicd deformities , not to offcrvi the eyes oi 
goodnelTc , btit to tycr with ridiculous cootcmpt 
ThcneucMobe fatitfied appetites of thefe gto& 
and trnmancrly imrudcrs: nay .look if thi» Yciy laft ciwtt,, got 
edition ofdifguife, this which iifo foU of fiiulti, into Uusbcw 
corruptions and faL'c quotations, this bayt which **^^^*^* 
the Diuel hath layd to catch thcfouiesofwafMbn 
Women, be not as frequent in the demy. palaces 
of Burgars and Citizens, as it is eithc: at Maske, 
Tryumph, Tik-yard. orPlay-houfe: call bis to 
iccounc the Taylors that are conuincd within 
the Circumference of the Walles of the City 

^ and 

Hie (JM'ulier, 

and ktbut tbehr Hels ind their hard fedoniri|l 
hc;iu(Uy fammcd together, and it wsU bee found 
they haue raifed more new foundations of this 
new difgirile , and meumorphofed more ntodeil 
old garmcms, to this new manner of ibott lafe 
and French doublet ("onely for the vfe of Free- 
mens wiues and their chiidren)in one monetb , 
then hath beenc wome in Court, Suburbs, or 
Countrey, (tnce the vnfortunate beginning of the 
firft diuellifh kmention. 

Let therefore the powerful! Stawte of apparell 
bmlift vp his Battle- Axe, and cni{h the ofiEcnderi 
in pieces, Co as euery one may bceknowne by the 
true badge of their bloHd> or Fortune : and then 
theie Ci^iw^// of dcformitie will beefent backe 
to hell, and there bumc to Cynders in the flames 
of their owne malice. 

Thus, mecthinkes, Iheare the beft otfendert 
argue, nor can I blame a hyc bloud to fwcll when 
it is coupled and counter-chcckt with bafenes and 
corruptioti; yet this (licwcs an anger pai&ng neere 
akinneto eniiy,and alludes much to the faying of 

Lorn yeM0tr m their Sexe^ but enuj etur. 

They haue C^ftrs ambition , and dcfire to bee 
one and alone, but yettooflfend themfelues» to 
gricue otbers,ts a regenge dif&nam toReafon \ & 


f)r, the Man-lVoman. 

as Enrifides faith, a woman of chac malicious oa- Bis. U tVd^ 
lurcitaikiccBeift, afidnx>(\peroiciotti cothe 
Common-wealth, for (he hath power by example 
CO doc it a world of iniury. But farrc bee fuch 
cruelty from the rofincfTc of their gcmk difpo- 
fitions : O let them remember what t^ Poet faith: 

Frsm'd wtth the fdmepdrts §fthe mimdt st jwi 
Naf Nature triumfht m their hetuttes hirtht 
Amd women mdde theghryfftheegrtb^ 
The life of beaut j^ m wheJeftrnplebreftSf 
{As w her fdirefi lodging) Vertne refis : 
wh$fe ttwrmglhtogkts attcrtdedwtth refmra, 
l>t€ tmhe their fAjretJcpe he of greater f^rtt. 

But when ihcy ihruft venue out of dootcs, and 
giuc a (lumelcil^ Hbcrtte to aiety ioofc y^j&xm^ 
thaceiihef ihcir weake choughcs ingendcrs, or 
the diicourfe of wicked tongues can chanuc into 
their yccldiiig bofoincs ( much too apt lo bee o- ^"i noake* 
pened with anypick-locke of fiattcting aud dc« {^°^^^^''*^ 
ceitfull iufmuauon) then they tome Maikers, fduct 
Mummers, nay Monftcrs in ihcirdifgwifc* , and 
Icf they miy catch the bridle in ilKir teeth, arnl 
lunneaway uith their Rulers, they cartiK>t into 
what dangers ihcy plunge either their Fortunes qc 
RepuiMionSjthedifgrace ot the whole S^(e,or 
the blot and obloqiy of their priuate Famdiei,a«- 
coi^dingto tbc faying of the Pocu 

C2 SMih 

oiren tuac* 
mc (hen- 

Hie ^5\fulier, 

£. ^, S»tk is fhtgrmkftfwmteit'kmJe^ 

when thn hsm^Jim §ff$ke(btmefMct istui 
tFftkwh/thwifi mstmr^iUAtbemjhmgijfhmde^ 
T 0hey I he hep tfmdMS wcil-ndiwg ksmd i 
Th§t $ken gUluUe smd liifm they wfhfigmi 
Ttf^mrelhtfid ffH/rtntii itkirtie \ 
Bf$t vertsMU w*met$ wifely vmderBsmd^ 
Thdt they were her me U tmilde humtlttte^ 
Vnkffe the hetmm them lift t§ Uwfk&^mr^ 

A warniag m To you therefore that are F4chcrt,Hiitb«iMls, 
^^^^**^^oi Suftainers ofthefcncw Herm9phr$daes ^ be- 
longs the cure of this ImpoOunie { ic is you that 
giue fiiell to the flames of their wilde indifcie- 
tion. You adde the oylc which roakea theif 
ftinking Lamps de61c the whole hou(e with fiU 
thyfitiolie, and your purfcs purchafe thefe defor- 
mities at rates, hoih dearc and vnrcafouable. Doe 
you but hold clo(c your liberall hands , or takf a 
m'xQ, account of the innploynicnc of the treafure 
you giue to their neccfiarie maintenance , and 
thefe excefles will either ccafc^or clfc dye fmothe- 
red in prifbn in the Taylors Trunkes tor want of 
-ifjktnXu SenttA ( fpeaking of hbcralirie ) will* by na 
mcanes allow that any man lliould beftowe either 
on fricndjWifc or children, any ircafure to be fpent 
ypon ignoble v(e$ , for it not oncly robs the party 
oi the honour ot bounty, and takes from the deed 
ibe name of a Benefit j but atfo nmkes him con- 


or, the Man^Jf'^c^man. 

fcioui, & guikie of die cnmes whkb are parduA 
bvruchagTituide. BceibcrcfontbcScbotkts of 
Semeu \ wdyom VVioet, Stftcn and Daufhtert • 
will be ibe Co-hciies ofoiockOie. 

Li(«r^ the Uw-giucr made it death in one ofLycurfmU* 
his Sucutcs, to bring in any new oiftome imohif *^^^ "•*^* 
ComiiKxi-weakh. Uocyou make it the vticT io(& 
of your fauour and bouncy^ hatie btought imo 
yottr Family, any new faThion or dtigtufe, that 
migbt ciiha dctormc Nature, or bee an iniwy to 
modedi^ : io fhail (hamebflnei and comciineirc 
cue* Hue voder your roofe, and yoor Wiues and 
DaughtcTi like VincsandfaireOUuef^eucrlprcad 
withoeaiity round about your Tables. 

The LuedewHmUms feeing thac thek chikJrcQ .j^ aifto«»e 
were better taught by cxamplet, then prcc€pU)«fihcL>rcdc- 
had hanging in their nouiet in diire paimiKl u- ■»««^<- 
bles all the Veruiet and Vicec that were in choie 
dayet raigning, vrith tbetr rewards, aod puniA). 
men^. O hauc you but in your houies the faOii* 
ons of all attires condantly, and without cliange 
licld and Hiil followed through all the pans of 
ChriftcndoRi Let then) but fee the iikxJcA Dutch, 
thcnateUIcahan, the rich Spaniard , and the 
courtly French, with the reft, according to their 
climaicr,and they will blul"h,thai in a full fourth 
part of the world there cannot be found one piece 
ofaCharader,to compare or liken with the ab- 
lurditic of their Mafculine Inuentioni nay, they 
(hall fee, that cheix naked Countrcyman , which 

C 3 had 

Hie c5\fuliery 

hid lib^ with his Shecfts co cut from eucry Na.. 
tion of cbe World» one piece or patch to make vp 
his ^rmcnc, yet amongft them all could not find 
this MifftUntt or mixtore of deformities , which 
onely by thofe ( which wiiiUI they retained any 
fpatkc of womanhood, were both loued and 
admired r) is looTcly, indiicrccdy, wantonly and 
mod vncbalkly inuented. 

And therefore to knit vp this impcrfcd Decb- 
mation^lct euery Fcmale-Miiciiline that by her ill 
example is guilty of Luf^or Imiution;ca(l off her 
deformities, and ckMth her fclfe in the rich gar- 
noentt which the Poet bcflowes vpoo her ir thcfc 
Vcrfcs following* 

TlffcVntmsthti m n$mtMmfritfrAife 
Art jibtr (i>etort Tpfthditt^chtfithfiugys with/ff^ 
T/ne Forth attd due sbedietKe nthetr nttte^ 
A»d 9ft hen chiidrto hm<Jt c»retpuke* 



The Womanish Man : 

Being an AnCwerc to a hite Booke intitukd 

Expreft in a bricfe Dialogue betwcenc /foc- 

Vir ihc Womaniili-Mci;), and Hic-JMuliir the 


London piiiucd (or ],T, and arc lobe k)U ^ Chrift Church gate. i^ao. 

The If^omaniJh^Man. 

The Speakers. 

H4C'V}r ; The Womanifti-Maa 
Hic-JMulier i The Man-Woman. 

lOft redoubted tod worthy Str(fot 
Icile then t Knight I cannot take 
you) you are moft happily giucn 
vnto mine imbcace. 
Hit^Maii Is (he nud? or doth 
rhee n)ocke mee ? MoA rare and 
excclicnc Luidy,I am the (eruant of your vcrtucS| 
and defire to be imployed in your feruice. 

Hdt'K/r, Pitje of patience, what doth hec bo» 
hoki inme,to take me for a woman ? Valiant and 
magnanimous Sir,I fbal dciire to build the Tower 
of my Fortune vpon iioftrooger founJatJon then 
the bcnc6t oi your grace and lauour. 
Htt'Mm/: O ! proud cucr to be your Scruanr. 
Hdc-ytr, No, the Scruant of your Scruanr, 

A 3 HH'MmI: 

HacA^ir^ or 

ffif'Mai: TbeTytheofyourfneodAifp (good 
Lady) if ahmx roy malt. 

Mat-nr, Yoa make mce rich beyond atprcfTi- 
on. But (aire iCMtf^, the truth is I am a Man, and 
dcTire but the obligation of your fricndfhip. 

HH'Mwi: It is ready to be fcaled and ddiiicrcd 
to your vfe. Yet I would haue you vrtdcriland 1 aiu 
a Woman. 

HdcVtr, Are you a Woman } 

JffC'Mttl: Arc you a MaoK) JumlMchs help mc. 

Hdf-r/r. Veil am. 

HtC'Muk Your name ) mofl sender pifcc of 

Mjtc-Vtr, HM-Vir, No flrangcr either in Court, 
Citic,or Countrey. But what isyoiirs,moft coura- 
gious counterfct oi Hercules and liis Dirtaffc } 

Hh-Mtil'. Necrcakifjnetoyour goodn«*5 and 
compounded of fully as falfc Litine Tbc vforld 
cals me, HU-MMlkr, 

HMc-V'ir. What,«/r.A/ir//^,thc MatvVVoi».^n> 
She that hl:^ a LariMn-Bell af midnight hfith r:iifcd 
the whole Kingdome in Armcsae^ainfthcrPGcod, 
ftaml,and let metakcafuH(u>tjav,lH.(liofihec^iiJ 
all thy df pcndffiitSi 

Uic-MmIx Doc freely: and when rhon JiaH d.iu - 
bed me ouerjWiih the v^orik colours thy malice cnti 
grinde, then giue iiKeleaue toanlwcrc for my 
klfc.andl %«i]lK'<yrhoii.iit an accnlcr inO iind in* 
different. Which done, I muft intreat you to f.t as 
many minuter, that I ma> likcwifc take yonr pic- 

The IVomantJh^Man. 

mrc, &: then rcfcrrc toecnftirCjwhctherorourdcfor^ 
micici is moD iniuriout toNiouc^ moftc&miauic 
CO good men,in ihrnocoriouihesof the example. 

Hdc-f^tr. With like condiiioti offrecdomc to an- 
fwere. The Articles are agreed on : Therefore ftand 
forth, halfe Btrche^-LsMe^ halfe S^ Thmus Affilci : 
The BrO lent chee a doublet, the later a nether-ikirt: 
Halfe Brtdevpill , halfe BUtke-Frters ; the one fbt a 
fcuruy Blocke , the other for a moft prophane Feo* 
ihcT J halfe MuH'd-Sacke the Chiomey-fweeper, 
hAlfe Gsrrdt the Foole ai a Tiltinfedie one tor a Yel- 
low Kufre,ihe other for a Skarfeable to put a Souldi- 
o(ir out of countenance ^ halfe BtdUm^ KaMc Brt' 
memdfhdm^ throne for a bafe (ale Boote , the other 
for a DeaHly Leiden gilc Spurre : and to conclude»all 
HdijallDamnaboci. For a fhome, powdered, bor* 
rowed Hayre, anakdd,lafciuiout,bawdy Bofome, a 
Leddt^nHJi Di%%cx^ a High-way PiAoli^nd a mind 
Atulbchauiouruuable or exceeding euery Dcpeated 
rkiormieie. To be briefe, I xnn btit m thcic lew linet 
^icliniaie your proponioo , fur the panphraic or 
f onij>nrtnr>cnt, to fee out your v^incfle to the grca, 
icl> cKtf nt of wonder, i can but refcrrc you to yout 
<iod^Md that carries your own name, 1 meane the 
hGc^^ oi BiC'Mmltety there you fhali lee yourcha- 
ra6)cr , atwl ieelcyoor ihaLie, with that palpable 
plaincncflcjthat no %y£^yptJMm daikncs can bee more 
groffc and terrible. 

Hre-Mul: My moft tender piece of mans flcfli, 
kaiic this lightening and thundcfi and come round* 

HacAJir, oi- 
ly to thetnftter) draw miocAccufation into hcadi, 
Uid then let me anfwcrc. 

Hdt-yk. Then ditM. In that Booice you arc arnig^ 
iied^(idfoiiodguiky.Fii^ot£tf^/^, in tnaking 
youfffel&aiLiueronourl^, and tbe |>oorc innenci* 
txi o(cocrf wc akc Braioc ^^ hacfa but «n sdibroi- 
dcied ouc'fide, Ka(t^oi^KMur«r^i«^ to forAkp 
theCasaiiooDfOody ^and CvAdmes oi the ISHig- 
dome^tobe pkced and patched vp by a French Tai- 
loT^an lulian Baby maker, sad a Docch Souldtour 
(beaciroro the AuMi^^ori^ >U example of Ruffian^ 
ly bchauioor) then •fsh^^mekfa^ym caiAmgoffaU 
modeft ibftneUe, and ciuilitic, to rutme thorow eue^ 
Tf4ihn and wildensefieof meos opinioiu,liU (are- 
lefle vmaofied Heyfen/x wilde Saiiages. Laftly, ol 
fml^ikft ^ mh<tfiiMnomedcfaiiQnocfemper,Gi> 
ther Id pafiom or amdionrt Bttc turning all ioco 
permibitionf and fisldae&softhe fedb, laugh away 
tei|Mnoii6ie» «f your Time, and at Uft dye witn 
#K naiririKg facet roaltce of4M incurable coniump* 
tion. Thar ja/^ayf^, Vnmtmdmcfit^ Shsf/Hkfmft^ 
FMLfimtfa^ aretbcinaine Hatcb-nKnts, or Coat- 
AfmoucSjWhicbyouhaue tanc at rich fpoiles to a- 
dome you in the^forretsie of your appareU: which 
ifyou can excufe^l canpkte,and thanke fr$fiirfmd 
for thy wit} though no g«odaaaii can allow oiche 
Hc-Mitl: Well, then to the purpofe : Firft, you 
'^'*'^'^' fay,! am Btfe^ in being a Slaue to Nouclty.Whai (la. 
uery can there be inftccdome of clc6kion ? or what 
bafcncnrcjtocrownemy delights widithofcp'cafurcs 


The Woman iJh-Man. 

which are moft fuublc to mine aHedions } Bondage 
or Slaucry , is a rcftraint from thofc aftioiis, which ^'^'^« ^'^• 
thcmindc (of it ownc accord) doth mofl willingly *^^ '** 
dcfircrtopcrformcilie intents and purpofcs of an- 
ottictsdifpofition , and that not but by manfiicnKic 
orfweecncfleohntreatie) b<tt by the force ofauiho- 
ritie and ftrengih of compuifion. Now formccto 
follow change,according to the limitation of mine 
ownc will and plcafurc, tiiere catinot bee a greater ^^*^*; ' 
frcedome. Nor do I fn my delight of change other- ' 
wife then as the whole world doch,or as becommeth 
a daughter of the world to d^oc. For what is the 
world , bin a very Chop or ware-houfe of change? 
Sometimes Winter/ometimes SiJcnmer; day and 
night; ihey hold fometimes Riches, fomctimcs Po- 
Dcnie/ometimcs Health, fomecimes Sickncfle: ncw 
Pleafurc^prcf^ly Anguifh; now Honour^ then con- 
cempf:andto conclude,there i^ nothing but change, 
Mrhich doth funound and mixc wkhall our For- 
tunes. And will you Kauc poore wonvm fuch • fixed 
Siarre, that fhce fhall not fo much as mouc or twin- 
kle in herowt^e Spheate ? That were true Stauery 
indeed, and a Bafeneife beyond thechaines of the 
worft fcruitude.Nature toeuery thing fhe hath crea* 
ted, hath giucn a (ingular delight in charge , as to 
HcarbsjPlantsand 1 rccsatifnc towithcrandfhead 
their Icaues, a rime to buddc and biing forth thcii 
lcaue$,and a rime for their Fruits and Flower*: To 
womics and creeping thirtgs a time to hide them- 
fckics in the pores and hollowcs oftlK e.irih , aiKl a 
liiDC to come abroad and fuckc the dcav^To Bcaf^i 

B hbcrtic 

Hac^Vir^ or 

libeitlecechu&cbck ibode , liberty to ddiehc in 
their food^andlibetty to feed and erow fat with theit 
food.Thc Birds hape the ayte to fly ifi,tbe waten to 
bathe in^nd the earth to feed oti. But to man, both 
thcfe and kll things eife,to alter, frame and fa(hion» 
according as hit wiU and delight (hall rule hinn. A- 
e^inc,who will rob the eye oi the variety of obiefis, 
£e eare of the delight ol (bunds , the nofc oi finds, 
the tong of ufis^ the hand of feeling ? & (hall only 
woinan^cellent woman^ fo tiiuch better in that (he 
is (bniething purer , be oncly depriued of this bcnC' 
6t? shall (he bee the BondUaue of Timcjthc Hand- 
maid of opinioRjOt the (Wi6^obferuer of ciicry fro fly 
or cokJ bcnuniroed iQiagitution?It'Werc a cruelty be- 
yond the Rackc or Strapado. 

i^Titt n^ttcl But you will fay it !• DOC Chingejaai N*mlfifSxom 
which you dcterrc ¥i: a thiii^that doth euert the 
good, and ercdthe eiiiU ; prcferft the faichle(&,and 
confound defen jthat with the change of Opinions 
breeds the change of States^aod with condouall aire* 
rations thrufls headlong forward both Ruine and 
SubutrfiotL Alas (foft Sir) what can you chryflen by 
that new imagined Title, when the words of a wife- 
man are ; th^t wkdf ms dene , it but dene MgAtne : iS 
$hmgf d$ thAHge^ vmder the cofe §fHeimn there n »» 
new thiftg. So that whatfoener wee doc or imitate,it 
is neither slauirh,Bafe,nor a breeder of Nouclty. 
Next, you condcmnc me oiP^nndturMlnefie,\x\ for- 

Jali. faking my crcation,and contemning cuftomc. How 

doe Iforfake my creationjthatdoeall the rights and 
o&ces due to my Creation? I was cjrcated frce^born 



Kot vnnatu- 

TTje Womanijh-Man. 

free, and liuc free: what leti m c then ^o to fpinnc out 
my timCjthat I may dye free ? 

To alter creation,were to walkc on my hands with 
my heclcs vpward,to feed my ftit with my fectjor to 
forfakc the fwcet found of fweci words , for the hif- 
fing noife ofthe Serpent: but I walk with a face erc^- 
ed, with a body ck>athcd,with a miad bu(ied, & with 
a heart full of reasonable and deuout cogitations; 
onely otfcnfive in attire,tn as reach as it isa Stranger 
to the curiofitie of the pident times, and an enemie 
to Cuftonse. Axe we then bouixi to be the Flattcreis 
of Time,or the dependants on Cuftomef O miicra- 
rablefeniitudc chained onely toBafeaefle aod Fol- 
ly ! for then cuflocBC, nothing is more abAird , no- 
thing more fooli(h. 

It was a cuftomc aroongft the Romanes,that as^we Fo«nfti Cu< 
wafh our hands before meales, fo they with cudout *°"'**- 
and fweetoyntments anointed all their arroes and 
Icggcs quite ouer,and by (iicccflc of time grew from 
thele vnguents to bathes of rich perfumed aad com- 
pound waters^n which they bathed their whole bo- 
dies : holding it the greatcft difgracethat might be, 
to vfc or touch any nanirall water, as appeares by 
thcfc Vcrfes. 

Sht fifines with oyntments U msh hsfre Ufidl^ Marx. Li, 

Of witbfowre Cbtlktjbe tMn-cMcrs dU, 

1 1 was a cufton>e anf>ong(\ the Ancients to lye vpon 
ftatcly and foft beds , when eytber they deliuered 
Embaflagcs, or entered into any. feriousdifcouricoc 
arguiBcnt^as appeares by thefc Verics : 

B 2 Fdtbif 

HacA}ir, or 

Virg.Aen.lx. Father Bi^tSi^thus^giMfdy^ 

Ffrnfttictf {hitch vmerem he Uy» 

Cat0 luftrtr held h for a a)ftbme,neuer to eat meat 
but fitting on the ground: the ye/ittidfis kid^' one an- 
othct eucT at the nrfi mcctingiatid tiko at (his day it 
it a general! receioed cuftome acnongft out Eag- 
liAi, (hat when we mcctorotiertakc any man in our 
trauellorioumeying, to examine him whither hee 
rkfes, how fiirrc^o what purpoic^and where heiod- 
ge(b } nay ,and with that unmannerly boldneile of 
inoutiitson, that it is a certaine ground of a mod io- 
fumcient quarrelI,not to rcceiMe a full raiisf«.^ion of 
thofe demands which goe farre 4flray trom good 
mannerr,or comely ciu'.ntie^and will you haue vsto 
many our feluef to tbcTe Mymicke and moft fanra- 
Aicke cuAomet ? It is'a fafhion or cu(k>me with vs 
to moume in Blackc-yct the Arg/4M$T\d Rmt4»e La* 
dies cucr mourned in VVliitc ; aiKl(if we will (ye th« 
n6ion vpon the fignification of colours ) I fee not 
but we may moume '\f\ Greeot^Bke^ Redox any (im- 
ple colour skd in Hertldrr, For vs to falute Grangers 
wid) a kiffcjis counted but cinilide, but with Lorraine 
Nations iaimodcftic: for you to cut the hayrc of 
your vpf^cr lips, familiar hccte in England, euery 
where clfc almofl choughc vnmanly. To ride on 
Side- Saddles at ^^ was counted hecre abominable 
-pride, &c. I might inftance in a thoufand things that 
oncly Cudonte g{\d not Reafon liath approued. 
To conclude CMjI^me ts aa Idiot^ atul whoi^euer de- 


7 he Womanilh-Ivhn . 

pendtih wholcly vpon him,wirl)out the difccti. fc of 
Rcalon , will takctrom him his pydc coat, a:)d Ic- 
comc a Ibiic indeed to contempt and ccnfarc. 

Btityou (ay wee arc barbarous and ilianiclcsavd 
caft off all (bttncs, to ninnc wUdc ihrougli a wilder^ '"• '"' " ' 
ncflc of opinion*. In this you exprcnc more ciuclty 
then iiiall the rcft,bccaufe I fiand not wtthnr)' !i?.nds 
on mybellylike ababy atir4r^/fi»/9»9nr Fayrc , diat 
moue not my whole body wbetvl (houldf^ut oncly 
Oirre my head hke lacke of the Ck>cke honfe ^lich 
hath no toynts, that am not dumbc when wamorti 
court nice, as ii Afle-likc 1 were ready fbrallbor* 
^iu,or becaufe I weep not when mtury gripcf me, 
like a woorried Deere in the fangs of many Curres: 
am I therefore barbarous or fhameleflc? He is much 
iniurious that fo baptix'd vs : w6 aid as frei-bofiit as 
Men^haue as free clc(dion, and as froe fpirits, we are 
compounded of like pans, and may with iikcliberty 
make benefit of our Creations: my countenance iTial 
ftnjic on the won^y, and frowne.on the ignbbji^, I 
uill hcarc the Wife , and bee dcafe to Idcots/giuc 
counfell to my frknd, but bee dumbc tofiittcrers, I 
hane hatfds that fhaU bee librrall to reward dHcrr, 
fcerc that fhall moue fwifily to do goodc tficc$,nnd 
thoD^s that fhall cuer accompany frccdbme and 
iciicrity.lf this bee barbarous, let me Icauc ihit Citic^ 
and liae with creatures of like (imphcity. 

To concliide,you fay wee are all guilty of nK)f^ 
infinite folly and indifcretion.1 confcf^, that Difert- Not fotilni- 
tUn is ihe true fait which feafoneth ctKry excellency, 
cyihcr in Man or Woman, and without it nothing if 

B 3 well, 

Hac^Fir, or 

well f nodiing is wortny : that want difgraceth our 
adioos, ilatneth our Vcttnes , and indeed makes vt 
iDoft prophaneand irreligioHs,yet it is etier found in 
excefle, at in too much, or too little: and of which of 
cbcie are wee euiley; do we weare too many doathes 
or too fiew ? if too many, wee (hould oppre^ Na- 
ture, if too few, we diould biiog (icLncfle to Nature : 
but neither of thefe wee do, for what we do weace if 
warme, iMty and whokfome, then no exceiSe.^ and 
fb noindiicretion : where is then the error ^ ooely 
in the Fafhton, onely in the Cuftome; Oh formefcy 
lake bind vs not to io hatefull a companion , but ro> 
member what one of our £«nous £ng|^ Pocli 

Of Bedrid Nnfme^ dttd l/mes Udgmiffey 
A»d t4kes €W*y mU fetlmi«f 9§e»ct* 

Againe, another as excellent iothe (ame Att^bith, 

D'Dart. Cmfiome the werlds ladgtmeBt dttJt bUmdfi ferre^ 

Then Vertm i^eft errdsggd dt Ktcu Bene, 

And will you bee fo tyrannous then, to compel! 
poore Woman to bee a tnifth^e to (b vnfaithRilla 
Seniant ? Beleeue it. then we mui\ call vp our Cham- 
pions againilyoti, wnich arelAw/^ and Ttiuky^ and 
what the one cannot compell yon to forgiue , theo- 
iher (halt inforce youto pitty or excufe:and thus my 
fclfe imagining my felfe nrcc of thcic fouoe Impuuti- 


The Womani/h Man. 

tioos, I ceflco bee contutcdbyfonie better and grjir 

fUf'Ktr. You banc wrcfled oat (brae wit , to 
wrangle fimh no rearon>fiQcc cuery thing yoti would 
make for exctife, approues your guUt ftill more oog- 
ly: what baftc bondage, arwhaenK>rcreniileba£- 
nctfe, ibeaibicbefiattcnDgand (botbiocd an vn, 
bridled appefficCtOi delight^ to take a wi&U libeitie 
fodoeoill, andtogtuecuiilexamplc^ thisistobee 
HeU PrtarRC,not Heauem Frce-won*^n. It is dtf- 
ptxaUeanioin^oot Diiiiocs^wbcilKf vpon any o£- 
cafisH a woman may pu£ oa mans att^e, or oo: all 
conchidett vnfit; andtbe rooft kdi&rent will allow 
it) but ontly tocfcapc pcrfecutioo. Now you will 
Mconelyptickoei, bucyreareitconthuialJy^andoot 
weam it) biittake fxidcm it, not for pcrfccmion, but 
WaHtort pkeaftire $ not to cfcapc danscr.but to runne 
intodamnatioQ^not to hclpeothcrs^utto confound 
the whole (exe bv the euilneileof io lewd an exam- 
|ple. Pkd/ar/t (tnough an extreme tyrant) when he 
executed the inoenter of the Brazen Bull in the Bull) 
did it not lb iXHich for the pleafiire be tooke in the 
tormenc,as to cut from the eanh a blaine (b diuelifh 
and fiilt of vnciiiill and vnnatDrall inuenttons. And 
iiire had the firH tnucoter ofyourdifguife pcrifht with 
all her cooplen^cnts about her, a world had been pre- 
ferucd from (candall and flanderi for from oiie euill 
to beget inEoites. or to nourish fin with a delight in 
finnc, is ot all habits the Wwefl, ignoblcft and bafcft» 
Now, whoknowcsnotjihtrto yceld to bafcncfle, 
muft needs b« folly > (fot what Wifcdome will bee 

B 4 guikf 

HacA)ir, or, 

guilty of its owae initiry?) To be foolKhly bafe, how 
can there bee an adion more barbaious^ and to bee 
bale, foolirh and barbarous, how cao there appeare 
anyfpacke, twinkle, or but ember ofdiicre'ioaor 
iudgcment? So that notwithftanding your elaborat 
pica for iffcedonDe , yoyr (eocre condcmnAtion of 
cuftome, your fayre prpmiic of ciuiil adiohs, and 
your temperate auoiditig of exce(&, whettby you 
would fecme to hugge and imbrace difcretion ; yet 
till you weare hats soddcnd the Sunnc>Dotto couer 
(borne locks, CavU^ cojMlorBe the head, not Gregi- 
rum to warme idle brakieftt^ till you v^earc innocent 
white Ruf{es,noc iealoui yellow iaundis' d bandsywell 
{hapr, comely atKidofe Gownei^not light tkirts and 
French doublets, (ot Poniards, Saroplen^or Ptftob 
Prayer4>ookcs,and for rufBed Bootes and SpurteSf 
neate Shooes aod clcane-garterd Stockings , you 
(hallneuer lofethe i\i)coiBsfe0ep ^rmmgittrdftes^ 
ShtmtUfme(jt^9iod Ftobflmeffe , 70U (lull feede Bat- 
U4s , make rich fbops , arme contempt , and onely 
i!anie and make pooreyour fcluesand your reputi- 
rions . To conclude, tf you %vill walke without difFe- 
renct, you^allliue without reucrence:.<if you will 
^titene order, you ofniftjndure the fhame of difor* 
der ) and if you will haue no rulers btn your wills^ 
you iBufl haue no reward butdifdaineand difgrace^ 
according to the faying of an excellent £ngh(h 

d n'lfi.ufl rule sifmcthit Wilhftttrti 

The IVomaniJh-Man. 

Hit'Maiu Sir, I confefle you hauc tayfd mine cie« 
lids vp, but you bauc notcleane taken away the filme 
that cottcri the fight: I feck (\ confcffe) caul e oi be* 
licfe , aod would willingly bcod my hean to enter* 
caine bclicfe, buc when the accu&r is guilty of as 
much or moic tbea that hee accufeth, or that I fee 
you refuic tb( poctoOvaDd arc as grieuoLHy tn^dcd, 
UaflK iDce not ibeti a litdc to (Uggcr, and till you 
WtU bcc plcaf4 to bedeant'd of thJt leprofie which 
I(ceap|Mrancioyou, giue oac leaue to doi\bt whe- 
ther roiiieinfe€^ion be &cocuagious, asyourblinde 
(cncrity wouidmake sl. 

Therefore to lakeyourproponion in a few lines, \^^^fl''^'^^ 
(jof deare Fcaiininc Malculine) tell me what Char- p^niOt Ma.i. 
tcr4>relctjptibaorrightof claime you haue to thoic 
things you mak^ our ^(bUxe inheritance ? why doc 
you curie, frixeJl.aod powder your luyres^ftowing 
more hourcs and time in deluding lockc trom l.>ck, 
and hay re iromhayre, m ^iuingcuecy thread hia 
poftorc , and cucry cudc his true fence and circunv 
pbcrcnce then euci Csftur did inmar(hatiiiig his Ar- 
my, cythcr at ph4rfii/M,w Sfstm^ot BnttA/mc } why 
doc you rob vsofoMC Bliiffc$,of our Earctitigi, Car- 
kanct$,and Munillions^of our Fanncsacid I cathcrs, 
our Busks a.-vd French bodies, nay , of our Maskcs, 
Hoods, Shadowcs awd Sliapynas ? not Co much as 
the very A ri of Tainting , but you Kauc fo greedily 
ingroftit, that were it not forthatliulc fa»taGicaU 

C llurpc- 

^arp potntcd dag^r chat faxngs at yotir cmm,8cthc 
croiTc hiU whidi gM^ds your ▼ppcr itp, hardly would 
there be any difference between the fayre MiOris & 
the foolifh Seruanc. Bar is tliis theft the vttenneA of 
our Spoyle? rie,you haue gone a wofid fimher, and 
cucn raui(}it froiB vsour^peech, our a^bom, 4>or$ 
and recreations. Goodaeffe leaue fnee.if I baue not 
heard a Man courc his Miftris with the fame words 
that VeMMS did AtUa^^oi as neere as the Beolce could 
inChiidhinis where are the Tiks and Tctirafes^nd 
loftie Gallyards that were daunfl m the dates ofdid, 
wlien inen caperd m the ayre Ukewanton kids on the 
cops of Moumatoes , and tumd abooe ground as if 
dicy had been comp^A of Fire or a purer ekmenc ? 
Tut all's forfaken^irs vanillit^hofe iMNions (hewed 
more (kengdi then An, and niore courage then 
counfhip; i; was much coo robu(Vtous,and rather 
ipcnt chc body then prepared it, cfpccially where a- 
ny defc£l before raigncd ^ hence you tooke from vs 
poorc Women our trauerfes &nd tourneys, oiirmo« 
dcO (latelinciTe and curious flidings, and kftvs no- 
thing bnt ihc new French garbe of ptippet hopping 
ai^ letting. Laft!y,poore Sheeile-cock that was on- 
ly a icmalc inuemion , how haue you takon it out of 
oiirhands,and made your fciucs fuch Lords and Ru- 
lers oucr itjthat though it be a very Emblcmc of vs, 
and our lighter defpfed fortunes, yet it dare now 
hardly come necre vs; nay , youkeepe it fo itnpri- 
fond within your Bedde-Charebers and dyring 
roomcs, amongf^ your Pages andl'andcrs , that a 
poorc innocent Mayd to giuc buta kickc with her 


The If^omani/h-Mau . 

B«ttIe-dore, were more then halfe wny to the ruinc 
of herrepucitioii. Foe this you hatic demoli(h*d the 
noble fcnoolcs of Horfmanfliip ( of which many 
were in this Ciiie) hung vp your Armcsto ruft^hj- 
cd vp thofc fwords in their (cibberds tK<ii would 
fhakeall ChriAcndome with the brai)di(h,and enter, 
uincd into your mindei (och foftncs , diilncffc and 
efieininatc nicenedc, that k would euen mnke He- 
TAclttmt himfelfe laueh again(\ his nature to fee 
how pnbngly yoo UnguiOi in thit wcalte en- 
teruined finne of womanifh fofmefTe : To fee 
one of your gender either fhew himfclfe ( in th€ 
iiiid(\ of his pride or riches) at a Play houfe , or 
publiquc aifcrably howj ( before he dare enter; with 
tke /4iy^$ufie of his owne eyes and tii) Pages, hec 
takes a fuil fiipuay ofhimfelfe^Tom the highcli fprig 
in his feather,to the lowed (pangie that fhines in 
hiiShoo-ftring: how he prunes and picks hinifelfc 
kkeaHiwkcfeca weathering, <als eucry fcuerall 
garment to Auricular confcfsion, making them vt- 
tcr both rfieir mortall great ftaincs, and their veniall 
and leflV bkmifheSjthough the moat bee much Icflc 
then an Attonie : Then to fee himpluckc and tugge 
eucry thing into the forme of the newcft rccciucd 
fal'hion ; and by Durers rules make his leggc anfwe- 
rabletohbnecke; his thigh proportionaole with 
his middle, his foote with hi5 hand , and a world of 
ilich idle difdaiaed foppery: To fee him thus patcht 
vp with SymetiT,inake himfclfe complete, and euen 
as a circle; and uftly,caft himfclfe amongft the eyes 
ofthe peoplc(as an obie^ of wonder; with more 

C 2 • nice- 

Hac^Vir, or 

mccncflcjthcn a .Virgin goes to the fticctcs of her 
6r(\ Louer, would make patietKchcf fclft mad with 
anger, and cry with the Poet : 

O HomJatPH mures, Ogenifi Temporg dur£, 
QtsafMS m vrhe Dclor-^ Qiuntm in Or^ Dtlms ! 

Now fuice according to you: own Inference, cuen 
by the Lawcs of Nature jby the rules of Religion, and 
the Cuftomes oFall ciuill Nations , it if occeflary 
therebca diftin^and fpeciall ditfcrence bctweene 
Man and Woman, both b their habic and behaui- 
ours: what could we pooreweake women doe lefic 
(being farre too weake by force to fetch backc tlicie 
fpoilcs you baoc vniuAly taken ftom v%) then to ga- 
ther vp thofc garmentsyou haue proudly ca(^ away, 
and therewith to cloath both our bodies and our 
mindcs ; fince no other mcancs was left vs to conti- 
nue our names, and to fupport a dififescnce } for to 
haue held the way in which our fore-fathers firft fet 
vs,or to haue ftill imbraced whc ciuill modeilie , oc 
gentle fwcetocdc ©four (bit inclinations^ why,you 
liadfofarreioctoachtvpon vs, and fo ouer-brib'd 
the world, to be dcafc to any Gcant of RcAitucion, 
that as at our creation,our whole fexe was contained 
in man our firfl Parent, fo wc fhoyld haue had no o- 
ilier bccing, but in you, and your moft effeminate 
qualitie. Hence we haue preferued ( though to our 
owne fhames ) thofe manly things which you ha\ic 
forfaken, which would you againc accept, and re- 
florc to vs the Blufhes we byd by , when firft wee put 
on your Mafciiline garments 3 doubt not butchaftc 



The Womanijh Alan, 

tlioughcs tiid barhfulnefTc will againe dwdl in vs , 
aodouc PaUccibccingocwly gdt, trimmcd^nd r:- 
cdificd.draw to vs all iKc Grdus.iW thcMt$/es 5 which 
that you auymorc willingly doc, and ( as wcc of 
yours)growc inco dctcftation of that dcfotinitic you 
ruucpurloya'd, to ihc vttcrloflc of your Hoooiirs 
and Kcputaii«ns*Markc how the brauc luli ui Poet, 
cucn in the Infancy of your abufes, mo<^ luicK 

Ah*uf bis Mctke dCarkmet rich he Vfdre 

O/pretious Stones, dUfet mgUd wtUtryed\ 

Fits Mrmcs thdf ear ft allvArlikt W€m^hs hdre^ 

iMgtltUnBrAceUts TfJintowlywtret^di 

l»tt hts CAres tw» Rj»^s f»fiiuyed Art 

OfgsUen J^yer^ dt which m either fide ^ a icfcHpnow 

Tjw Induft Perries ^ m mdkmg Uke tn>» Pedres, ttfcnunai^ 


Hts Locks bedeji^ed xttth tpdters tf/jreet/dH4/fr , 
Stood (ur led round m order on hii hedd^ 
He hddfkch nAMton rvomdu/fh behdu/our^ 
As though m VdUr he had ne'rc been ired : 
So chiHga m fpfech^H mdnners dnd imfdnour^ 
So from himfcife hy»$d dHrcdfun Ud^ 

By thefetHchintmemts of t hts dmoroHS Ddme : 

HewdS himfeljesn n$thmgjoiU in Wdme, 

Thusyoufccyour iniury to vs is of an old and m 
ueteratc continuance, hauing taken fiich ftrong root 
in your bofomcs, that it can hardly bee puU'd vp , 



wuhoutromeofkncccothefbyle : ours vong r^^ 
tender /carcc freed bom the Swaddling cIoMs, and 
chcreforc may with &s much eale bee loO, as it was 
with little ditflculty fotind. Ca{^ then from you our 
ornamentSymd piii on your owne armours :Bc tnen 
in rhape,tncn in {hcw,men in words^cn in adions, 
men in counfell, nten m exatnple : then will we loue 
and icrueyou ; then will wee hcare and obey you ; 
then will wee like rich lewels hang at your cares to 
cake our In{ku£lions, like true friends follow you 
through all dangers, aad ISce careful! leeches powre 
oyle into your wounds: Then (hall you findc delight 
in our words) pleafure in our faces ; faith in our 
hearts ; chaAitie in our thoughts , and iwcetnefle 
both in our inward Sc outward inclinstions. Come* 
lincfTe (hall be then «ur(hxfy*, feare our Armour, 
and rnodeftie our pra Aice: Then (hall we be all your 
mo(\ cxcellcmeft thoughts can de(tre, aodhaoe no- 
thing in vs lelTe then impudence and deformitie. 

lU6-yir, Inough ; You haue both raiCd mine 
cyc-Iidf , clcered my (ightyind mademv heart enter- 
r^inc both fiiame and delight at an inftant ; (hame 
:n my Follies paft 5 delight in our Noble and wonhy 
Coiiucrfion. Aw;iy then from me thcfe light vani- 
tic«, ihconcly Enfignes ofawcakeand fott nature: 
and comeyou gr^iue and fblid pieces, which arme a 
nnnwirh Fortitude and Rcfolution : you are to* 
rough and ftubbomc forji womans wearing. we will 
hccrc change our attires , as wee haue changd our 
miTn!cs,.ind with our attires, our names. I will no 
ir.orc be //rfff 7r, but Wc Vtr , not you Htc-Multer^ 


The Womamjh-ALui. 

hutHdcMtdur: from henceforth dcforinidc i]i.jII 
packc to Hell : and ifar any time hcc hide himfdL 
vpon the earth, yet itfhall bcc with contempt and 
difgracc. HcclT)all haucnofiricnd but Poucrty j no 
fauourer but Folly , nor no reward but Shame. 
Henceforth we will line nobly like our fclLics , cucr 
fobcrjcuerdifcrcct^cucr worthy jtaic men,and tiiic 
women. Wc will bcc hciKcforth like well-coiiplcd 
DoueSjfullofioduftryjftiUoflouc: Imeanc^noi of 
fcnfuall and camail louc, but hcauenly and diuine 
louc.which procccdcs from God 5 wfbofe vnexpref- 
lable nature none is able todeliuer in words,{incc it 
is like hit d\f elling , high and beyond the reach of 
humane apprchcnfioo i according to the laying oi 
the Poetyio thefc Verfcs following : 

Of hues ftrfeQtm ferftcily tfi/feske. 
Or efhis ftdturc rtghtly tp dejimCy 
Indeed doth fArre fur fAfjt^ur reifins reuh. 
And needs his Prieji $' exfreffe hts pcwer djuime , 
Ftr Ung before the W0rld he was yhore^ 
And bred aboite ith hy 'ft celifitdU Sphesre, 
F»r by hts porrer the world rras mgde pffore^ 
Anddllthit therein wondrtus dethdfpeAre. 


GAKE T-^. AnA le^.fs Ub fk-A^,,, 


The Womanish Man : 

Being an AnCwere to a htc Booke intitukd 


Expreft in a briefe Dialogue betwcenc /fer- 

Vir ihc Womanini-Wan, and Hic-^dur the 

London jpiintcd for J.T. and arc tobc (old at Chrift Church gate, i^io.